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Helping others get what they want, will help you get what you want.

Helping OthersMany people start a network marking business so as to make additional income.  That income will give them the option to help their family.

This model of business is for a person to create a team so that leveaging the efforts of everyone is how income is generated.

Basically, if everyone does a little bit of work then no one person must do most of the work.

That sounds really good to me!

So how do you get that to work?

Simple….. you help others on your team to reach their goals and the by product will be that you will reach your goals.

One example of this is when Doug and I had a goal to promote to the next level in our business. To do this our business partners would need to build their team.

We began to focus on the goals of our business partners.  This meant not only knowing their reason for having the business, but knowing how many hours a week they are wiling to devote to the business, what kind of support they needed from us and to communicate with them almost daily so that we knew how we could help them.

To be honest we were so focused on our partners’ needs that we did not realize how close we were to our own promotion.

We were helping them with presentations, answering questions of those considering joining our team and assisting with logistical support of the team.

One night I got a call from one of our partners who was helping a new person join her team, but was having computer issues.  She was driving and just could not be in front of a computer.  When they called for help, I immediately got on the computer and spent the time it took to get things moving.  I was so excited because I knew that this new person would put our current business partner in position for her first promotion.

When I finished helping the new person, I immediately called my business partner to congratulate her on her first promotion in the company.

Then she pointed out to me that her promotion meant that Doug and I also promoted.

We both got so excited that we talked for about another 30 minutes about how we could work as a team to go for the next step in our businesses.

That was the moment that it became a reality to us, that when we focus on helping others succeed in their business, then we will automatically have success in our business.

Did you notice? Not only do we know the goals of our business partners, but our business partners know our goals.

Stop looking inside of yourself as the only answer to your success.  That does not mean stop working on yourself to become a better leader.

But this does mean that when the focus is on the success of others, that your success will follow.  It is not about you, it is all about others.

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