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Does a rejection stop you or propel you?

No Word Showing Denials Panic And Negativity

If you are looking at this blog then I know for a fact that you have had someone, in fact many people, tell you “No” to joining you in business.

The question is what did you do after you getting that “No”.  Did you let it take the wind out of your sails and slow down your momentum?… or …. Did you view that “No” as fuel to go faster toward your goal?

Being rejected is definitely no fun, but the kind of impression you let it leave in your mind will determine your success level in your business and in life.

Think back to when you were told no as a child.  No.. you cannot have a soda.  No… you cannot stay the night at Tim’s house tonight.  No… we do not have the money for us to buy that outfit.  No…. No….. No…..

Right away we all learn that word and to not like it.  However if you really wanted something, you would do whatever it took to obtain it.

You would save allowance money to buy that outfit.  We would ask many times over and over until your parent would finally let you have that soda with dinner.  You would find out why you could not stay the night over Tim’s house. If you could change something so it be ok with your parents then you made it happen.

Maybe you were told that there was no way you could do something…. but you wanted to do it so bad that you did everything necessary so that no one could deny the fact that you are a force to be dealt with and that you accomplished it despite what others thought.

Why is it different in your business?

Do you want to have success?… Why did you start your business?  Is your reason for starting your business deep seated enough in your mind that you will never take “No” for a reason to quit?

The word “No” needs to be the fuel that will make you do whatever it takes to have the success you want in your business.

You need to be like you were as a child and that the word “No” just meant that you had to go about it differently to get it done.

Do not let others stand in your way of going for your goals.  The person who said “No” may not be the business partner who will be a part of your future.  You still need to find that person or people.

Keep moving forward so as to cross their path and create success.

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