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We are Doug and Regina Burdett from Texas.  We have been married for 26 years and parents of two boys.  As you can imagine our lives together have seen many changes and the journey has been fun.

We started our life journey when we met during our high school years. Doug knew in high school that he wanted to work with computers.  During that time, computers and programing were the cutting edge career.  He set his sights on that career and never looked back.

We both graduated from The University of Texas at Austin.  Doug immediately started working for a company with a long history in the corporate world.  It did not take Doug long to realize that even a cutting edge career didn’t ensure someone with income security. That company was broken up and sold off to 9 other companies which meant that everyone was out of a job just as we were about to be married. Doug’s skills landed him another job very easily, but a seed was planted into his mindset.  He then started working at the space program which has been a passion of his ever since man landed on the moon.  However professional growth was something Doug wanted and that meant moving on a few years later.  His next career moves were working for several companies over several years.  Some were big and some were small.  During that time it gave Doug the opportunity to broaden his skill sets and the seed that was planted in his mind after his first job started growing.  Working for another person’s business is not the best way to have security.

During this time Regina was working in the health care field at a hospital that has served the community for over 100 years.  We began to explore the idea of Doug having a side business so he can be his own boss.  Regina was very supportive because being happy and satisfied with what you do in life is important to how a person will add value to others.  At that point, Doug continued to work in the corporate world as he began his side business.

In 1994, we began our family with the birth of our first son.  This event in our life brought us something we were not expecting.  We are now parents of a child with special medical needs.  This meant we were faced with many hospitalizations, therapy sessions, doctor appointments, surgeries and learning how to do therapeutic exercises with our son so as to help him develop into the young man he is today.  This kind of schedule can be very difficult to accomplish with a normal 8 to 5 job.  We both had to ask to be off at work to attend all of the appointments.   At that time, we decided that Doug’s side business gave him the flexibility to support the needs of our son.

In addition, having his own business added a dynamic part to his work.  He now can work with clients in different fields of work which gave him an opportunity to further expand his computer skills.  This makes his work exciting and never the same old thing from day to day.  Regina continued working in the health care field to keep the health benefits for the family and our son’s medical care was at the same hospital which kept me near him during each hospitalization.  Our family continued to grow by one more son who was born in 2002.  He does not have medical needs, but we are now on a new journey of having a child with ADHD and dyslexia.  A new set of therapy sessions joined our already full schedule.

This journey was a path we were on until May of 2011 when we were introduced to a networking business that made a lot of sense to us.  We are familiar with many of other networking businesses, but did not feel that they fit us as a couple.  The one we found puts us in a place to help everyone with something they do every day, help others who want to earn additional money and at the same time continue to work on our retirement.  As a self-employed person, the retirement plans were just not ample enough to consider ever closing that business.  Doug was prepared to be one who always had to work.  Now with our network marketing business, we have plans for retirement and a way to provide for both of our son’s financial futures because this business is willable.  Meaning what we get started with our business will continue to provide for our sons and their families long after we are no longer on earth.  That is a peace a mind that every parent wants.

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